Themazicc Clothing - Vegvisir With Raven - Viking Compass Sleeve

Themazicc Clothing - Vegvisir With Raven - Viking Compass Sleeveless Hoodies - Red Version

Stand out with this custom Sleeveless Hoodie. Both stylish and fashionable, you can wear your favorite design and be comfortable doing so.


  • 100% polyester
  • Front pocket
  • Made to order


    Check the SIZE CHART out for accurate size, and please allow a slight 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement and a slight color variation due to different lighting conditions.

    The design of the final product might slightly shift in position due to the manual cut and sew procedure.

    Thank you for considering us.


    Type - Sleeveless Hoodie,Sleeveless Zip Hoodie

    Size - S,M,L,XL,2XL,3XL

    my hubby really likes these sneakers. this is his second pair.
    - Singapore

    Shoes are just right . Use for work on my feet all day long . Love them .
    - Liberia

    Great shoes. Very comfortable and good construction. Worth the cost for happy feet!
    - Switzerland

    Best shoe of it's type on the market. Excellent comfortable and extremely well made. Great !
    - Switzerland

    Worth the price. Good comfortable shoe. Wear it in the desert where shoes need to be sturdy, with no problems.
    - Singapore

    Really comfortable, neutral option. These have been my husband's fave for many years now. He loves these!! True perfect fit.
    - Singapore

    I bought these for my dad as a gift. He LOVED them. They were the perfect fit were so much nicer in person. Exactly as described, well packaged.
    - Singapore

    I did not order WIDE, but that's how they came. They were for my Husband, and he felt the width was only slightly too much. We do love this Model of NIKE shoes.
    - Guam

    I know how a shoe fits and feels is subjective depending on the particular shoe and individual, but, for me, these are like pillows on my feet. I am wearing one pair now and have four new pair in the closet.
    - Singapore

    I knew that they would still be a bit snug since I have a 6E wide foot, but they feel great. I will be getting another pair. They have said that they will start to squeak, but so far, so good. Lots of Pickle Ball with these shoes.
    - Singapore